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CPA, LLC, finance managementAt John Daniels CPA, LLC  the careful management of your finances is our top priority. We pride ourselves on giving you personalized and thorough service that meets your individual or business needs.

Individual clients have different needs than business clients.  We provide to our individual clients overall financial guidance tailored to their specific situation.  Whether it is a young family just starting out and budgeting for the future or a retired couple managing their portfolio, each has different needs.  But wrapped around both situations is the desire to improve their financial life.  And, of course, minimizing their taxes is a keystone of our financial planning program.

Business clients, on the other hand, are focused on growing their business and growing their bottom line.  While tax planning is important, business owners need current information to manage their businesses.   John Daniels CPA, LLC concentrates on increasing our business customer's success. We provide services to help you plan your first day, accurately track revenue and receivables, identify key performance indicators, and minimize your tax liability.

Call today for a free, no obligation consultation.  We will meet with you, understand your needs and give you a fee quote for our services.



tax planning services

  • At John Daniels CPA, LLC we provide tax services for individuals and businesses.  Our comprehensive tax service focuses on compliance, on tax minimization and on tax strategies.        Read more
  • Financial Planning

    We provide a fee based planning service teaming up with MoneyGuide Pro.  Your program is then accessible throughout the year online and can be updated every year.    Read more
  • Portfolio/Wealth Management

    We have teamed up with Interactive Brokers, LLC to provide you with low cost and effective asset management customized to meet your needs.    Read more

  • For our business clients, we offer assistance in financial statement development that generates meaningful information.  We also assist small businesses in business valuation and succession planning.      Read more