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John Daniels CPA financial services

At John Daniels CPA, the careful management of your finances is our top priority. We pride ourselves on giving you personalized and thorough service that meets your individual or business needs.

We provide a full range of tax and financial planning services for our individual clients along with accounting and consulting services for our business clients.  


Tax Services

At John Daniels CPA, we assist our tax clients through efficient compliance and effective planning to help them realize substantial savings.  We use a team approach and focus on timely communication to provide our clients with excellent service. Our joint involvement ensures that our clients receive the most experienced technical expertise we have to offer.

We offer the following tax services:

Tax Return Preparation and Compliance

Preparation of federal, state and international tax returns is the core of our tax services. High-levels of technical and industry specific expertise allow us to ensure our clients’ tax returns are prepared efficiently and timely.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is an integral part of our tax return preparation and compliance area.  Your return is prepared with tax optimization in mind.    

Individual Tax Services

When it comes to individual tax services, change creates opportunity.  And we can depend on Congress to make changes!  We keep on top of these changes to provide you with the best advice and strategies.  You can depend on us for objective guidance and personal attention.  We believe on focusing on your long-term financial goals and steering your current needs in a direction to meet them.

Business Tax Services

We aid businesses with all aspects of federal income tax planning.  This includes implementing federal income tax strategies that maximize savings, increase profits and manage cash flows.

Estate and Trust Tax Services

If you have not considered what will happen to your hard earned assets as you age and eventually pass on, you should.  Without an estate plan, the wealth you worked your entire life to build will be distributed according to state law and not according to your wishes. Estate planning is crucial if you want to minimize taxes and distribute as much as possible to your preferred beneficiaries.

We will work with you and your trust attorney to design an estate plan customized to your particular needs by utilizing a variety of planning vehicles such as family limited partnerships, trusts and charitable entities. Our team can assist you by performing the following:

  • Review wills and trust instruments.
  • Estimate estate taxes and strategize alternatives that may provide tax savings.
  • Review business issues including valuation and the transfer and/or disposition of business interests.
  • Identify potential liquidity problems caused by federal and state estate taxes for the continued operation of the family business, probate, administration costs, etc.
  • Develop a lifetime gifting program using vehicles such as family limited partnerships, charitable trusts and qualified personal residence trusts
  • Prepare estate, gift, fiduciary and non-profit tax returns
  • Advise you on the possible use of various trusts structures; including charitable remainder trusts, grantor annuity trusts, personal residence trusts, family partnerships, credit shelter trusts, marital deduction trusts and revocable lifetime trusts.

Tax Updates

We keep our clients up-to-date with newsletters, personal contact by phone or email and face-to-face meetings.  Very seldom do things stay the same in the world of taxation and keeping our clients up to date is a key part of our service.

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Financial Planning

We have teamed up with MoneyGuidePro to offer you an extremely insightful financial planning program.  Your long-term goals and financial situation are integrated in MoneyGuidePro's computerized program to determine your probability of success.  The program also determines whether your portfolio is too conservative or too aggressive to meet your goals.  Once the program is completed, you have online access during the year for any tweaks that may be needed.  Our fee for developing this program with you is $750.  Once the program is developed we will go through an update process with you for a fee of $250. 

This financial plannning program gives some important insights about your situation, whether you are a young family just starting out, a middle aged couple approaching retirement or a retiree living off of investments. 

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Portfolio/Wealth Management

For a select group of clients we offer portfolio or wealth management.  We have teamed up with Interactive Brokers, LLC, to offer you this service.  We start with the financial plan mentioned above and then customize the portfolio or asset mix to reach your financial goals.  Every person's financial situation and goals are different and so we don't offer a cookie cutter approach but a fully customized and integrated plan to meet your goals.

Our fees for portfolio and wealth management start at a very reasonable 1% of assets under management and then go down depending on the size of your portfolio or assets under management.  There is an initial portfolio value of $250,000 required.  

For more information, go to our investment website: www.johndanielscpallc.com

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Business Consulting Services

At John Daniels CPA, our business is to know and understand your financial situation.  We offer services beyond compliance and combine our experience, expertise and knowledge to add value as a trusted advisor to your financial situation.

We offer the following business consulting services:

Financial Processes

Every organization can benefit from being introspective, skeptical and analytical regarding their finances.  We work with organizations to develop the predictive capabilities necessary to adapt to rapid changes and outperform their peers.  Specifically, we can help you with:

  • Driving growth from new markets and opportunities.
  • Enhance cash management through working capital optimization and better capital allocation.
  • Improve finance operations by focusing on operational effectiveness, financial analytics as well as budgeting and forecasting.
  • Enable efficient regulatory compliance.
  • Effectively manage risk by identifying sources and improvements to mitigate high risk areas.

Business Valuation

Business valuations enable you to accurately determine the value of a business and its components.  It is essential that you know what a business is worth whether you are buying, selling, involved in litigation or planning your estate.  We work with attorneys, other accountants and financial institutions to ensure you are represented fairly.  

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tax planning services

  • At John Daniels CPA, LLC we provide tax services for individuals and businesses.  Our comprehensive tax service focuses on compliance, on tax minimization and on tax strategies.        Read more
  • Financial Planning

    We provide a fee based planning service teaming up with MoneyGuide Pro.  Your program is then accessible throughout the year online and can be updated every year.    Read more
  • Portfolio/Wealth Management

    We have teamed up with Interactive Brokers, LLC to provide you with low cost and effective asset management customized to meet your needs.    Read more

  • For our business clients, we offer assistance in financial statement development that generates meaningful information.  We also assist small businesses in business valuation and succession planning.      Read more